Bruce Wayne (onceaguardian) wrote,
Bruce Wayne

First Case

[Something about this situation doesn't seem right. As Bruce opens his eyes, he notices three things. First, he's sitting in some comfy chair behind a tall desk. There's some students sitting around on the opposite side of the room... and they're drawing? Second, he doesn't remember coming in here and sleeping.

Or well, he can't remember anything beyond his name. Bruce... is this even normal? And third, who qualified him to supervise an art class? He rises up and inspects the room, magical journal in hand and clearly recording every word as he looks around.]

Hmm, this is peculiar... I can't say I remember coming here...

Since when I was the--- [and then it dawns on him as he glances back at the whiteboard, completely filled with notes on random artists.] ---art teacher.

You've got to be kidding me.

What kind of welcome wagon is this? Fall asleep and become the art teacher of some school you've never heard of? For a small town, Memento Eden certainly seems to have its priorities reversed.
Tags: ic, rpg: memento eden
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