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ooc: About Bruce's Kids

In re_fated, Bruce and Zatanna Wayne have three little ones. Here's an up-to-date (but not complete) list on who each kid is, their likes/dislikes, and pretty much everything you'd ever need to know about the Wayne children.

Name Derived From: Dick Grayson | Nightwing and Zachary Zatara
Age: 12 (almost thirteen!)
Birthday: March 15
Favorite Food: Double-Chocolate Cookies; Green Tea Ice Cream; Haven!Zee's Cooking
Clothing Style: Goth. So Very Goth.
Abilities: Fist-fighter [knows karate, aikido, and gymnastics]; plays the piano; fluent in English and Romanian
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Personality Traits: Rebellious; Unsure; Kind-Hearted; Loyal; Determined; Jovial; Wannabe Goth; Not-Quite-Emo
Interests: Anime/Manga/Video Games (he's basically a Digimon + Pokemon + Beyblade okatu); Comic Books (unfortunately, he's a Captain America fanboy); Books (he's a typical nerd too); Aikido;

Dick is Bruce and Zatanna's oldest son. He's at the age where he's most impressionable - and unfortunately for all of Haven, Siegmund's made a lasting impression on the kid.

As of August 2010 (in-game), Dick has put two-and-two together and figured out that his father is one of the off-worlders. In his anger, he ran away from home and triggered Batman's first appearance in Haven.

Name Derived From: Tim Drake | Robin and Alfred Pennyworth
Age: 8
Birthday: July 13
Favorite Food: Hamburgers; Chocolate Chunk Cookies; Vanilla Ice Cream
Clothing Style: Casual Prep
Abilities: Stage magic; knows aikido and taekwando
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Personality Traits: Curious; Kind; Eager; Dorky; Intelligent; Wrong Genre Savvy;
Interests: Stage Magic (like mother, like son); comic books and video games (though not anime so much); reading; drawing;
Crush: Cissie King-Jones [nonreciprocating]

Tim is Bruce and Zee's middle kid, and as a result, slightly suffers from middle kid syndrome. He's not a rebel like Dick, nor is he the baby like Cass. So what's an eight year old to do? Well... if you're Tim, you read up on stage magic and become dramatic to set yourself apart from the rest. Tim takes after Zatanna in so many, many regards: he's energetic, he's teasing, and most importantly? He has the capability for stage magic. (Sadly, he cannot say things backwards. He is a Havenite who isn't blessed with powers.)

He's also a huge bookworm - inherited from Dick - and spends a lot of free time playing video games. However, Tim really likes Cissie... to the point where he'll happily duke out her "competition" just so that he'll spend alone time with her. Don't get Tim wrong-- he likes Aoko and Amelia. But Aoko has a boyfriend that is also a very cool mentor, and well? Amelia's kinda out there. Period.

Name Derived From: Cassandra Cain | Batgirl and Rose Psychic
Age: 3
Birthday: October 10
Favorite Food: Ice Cream! Water Coke ("Lemonade")! Coke!
Clothing Style: Doll-like, frilly, and adorable. Her daddy spoils her rotten with pink. Lots of pink.
Abilities: Being cute; mangling English... dude, she's a toddler. What else is she supposed to do?
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Personality Traits: Bubbly; Energetic; Intelligent; Kind-Hearted; Ambitious; Selfish (again, three years old); Too Cute for Words;

... There's really not much to say about Cass. She's cute, she's three, she looks like Zatanna (so not Asian but Eastern European) and well? Bruce - yes, even our Goddamn Batman - loves her to pieces. Cass is the clear baby of the family and she acts like it. She's very much Ms. Personality and loves attention.
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