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ooc: Application for Squarewarts

Player Information

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In-Game Character Information
Name: Bruce Wayne
Series: DC Animated Universe
Age: 38

Personality: By nature, Bruce Wayne is a difficult person to grasp. To some people, he's the "idiot who barely manages to keep his day job." He's a kind-hearted person, but common sense? Probably not there. As someone once remarked, he sleeps at work... and he plays with women at night... only someone with that much money could pull his laziness off without a hitch.

And yet, somehow something about Mr. Wayne surprises people. He's a smooth charmer, someone who can easily persuade a lady for another dance or a gentleman for some donations to charity. He has a way with words - even if he doesn't say the right ones sometimes - and he genuinely pours his heart and soul into his charity and work when he's awake.

He is also incredibly intelligent and plays a very active role in his business. While he may not always "be there" in person for his multimillion corporation, he still acts like your average millionaire... who also happens to be better with children than most people could imagine.

Batman, on the other hand, acts completely contrary to the millionaire playboy image Bruce Wayne has cultivated. Batman is brooding. He's dark. With enough prep time, he can beat nearly anyone he chooses. He is--- okay, he isn't Chuck Norris (even though some claim he's better than said Chuck Norris). However, Batman is very dedicated to his mission. He will fight for justice no matter what, even if he has a broken leg, mumps, and the fever all at once.

However, the real Bruce Wayne - the one that still calls himself Batman in his subconscious - is somewhere between the two men. He is kind, but also incredibly strict and dedicated to whatever he sets his mind towards. He tends to be obsessive-compulsive and rude when the job calls for it, but he does have a heart and will sacrifice his life to save other people. He loves children - more so than the average adult - and identifies with them on a level that most parents wish they could have.

He's intelligent and will ingeniously come up with five solutions to the same problem just in case something goes wrong. Yet, for all of his intelligence, Bruce is incredibly blind to love and often can't see it until someone spells it out right in front of his very own eyes.

There are plenty of weaknesses in Bruce's personality: his money has allowed him to grow up in a state of mind where he thinks he has to save the world with more violence instead of... you know, donating money and first-hand weeding out the corruption in his world. He also can't handle things he hasn't received much information on.

But for all it's worth, this man - who's created two distinct masks for himself - has somehow managed to enchant nearly everyone he's touched. Although he can be pretty awkward about a lot of things, he still tries, and for that, he has won the affection and charm of nearly everyone he meets.

Background: The only son of Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Martha Wayne, Bruce was set for a perfect childhood. The first eight years of his life were fantastic - he had two loving parents, a wonderful butler, and anything a kid could ever want! - until he and his parents went to visit the movies that fateful night. Bruce was the sole witness to his parents' murder in that dark alleyway, and ever since? He hasn't been the same.

Alfred noticed a sudden turn in his young master's personality. While Bruce may have acted friendly and open on the outside, he kept retreating into himself and refused to play with his old friends. When his acceptance letter to the Salem Wizards' Institute arrived on his eleventh birthday, Bruce thought it was a bizarre hoax from one of his old friends. He threw the first two notes - for one came the following day - in the trash. Him, a wizard? Impossible; his parents had no special powers.

The joke revealed itself to be true when Giovanni Zatara arrived to Wayne Manor to inform Bruce that his presence was required at Salem that following autumn. Really, Bruce had no other choice. He'd join Mr. Zatara - and his lovely daughter Zatanna - and enroll in Salem. He didn't regret this decision for a moment. Not only did he find like minds at Salem, but he encountered an incredibly close-knit community that welcomed him with open arms.

His teachers were all incredibly supportive, and Bruce even gained a first girlfriend (or two... or three). Through pranks and nights of studying, he learned - and gained - a whole new world from his experience. During his second, third, and fourth years, Bruce also attempted to become an Animagus with some of his friends. It ultimately never came to fruition - the friends became too frightened to continue - but Bruce later regretted not finishing his training. ("It would've been cool to be a real bat," He once told Richard.)

Graduating from Salem at 18, he stayed in the area for the next year to continue his training as an Auror. Even if there was no Dark Lord, Bruce wanted to strive for justice and turn Gotham - his Gotham - into something bigger and better.

So Bruce traveled the world and learned different forms of magic and martial arts (because even he knew a wand wasn't permanent). He trained under Ra's Al-Ghul and Lady Shiva and other famed wizards and witches and learned their secrets until he could recite them in his sleep, and he even joined the Jedi Order as a Knight. Oh, Bruce would occasionally come home and check up on Alfred, his butler back home, but the world became his oyster.

When he was sure he learned enough, Bruce returned to Gotham and took the reins of his father's company again. He wanted to put his magical training to good use, but at the time, fulfilling his parents' last wishes seemed more appropriate. At the same time, he met Andrea Beaumont. Andrea's father had done business deals with Thomas Wayne in the past, and Bruce and Andrea had known of each other's existence for years... but once they met? It was honestly love at first sight.

He and Andrea spent every waking moment together. Bruce even proposed to her; Andrea accepted. However, Andrea's father had also fallen into massive debt. Not wishing to be indebted to Bruce, Andrea and her father fled town to avoid the wizarding mafia--and Bruce believed she'd been lost forever. His heart bruised by the event, he then turned his attention towards justice and Gotham's large crime rate.

Taking matters into his own hands, Bruce created the identity of Batman and started to prowl the streets of Gotham. However, his vision of Batman was different; he never created the famed costume the multiverse knows so well. He used charmed Muggle technology - they were consistently more reliable than spells and wands - to effectively patrol the streets and stop criminals in their path, and while he eventually took on the codename Batman, he never did adopt the famed cowl. He swore to protect regular human beings (not just wizards, regardless of blood) against Dark Wizards who'd appeared in Gotham recently.

Adopting Dick Grayson along the way, Bruce gained a new ward who also eventually followed his wizarding lifestyle. Ditto for Barbara Gordon, who joined Bruce and Dick in the fight against the dark wizards of Gotham. Noticing that his numbers were growing, Bruce reluctantly allowed Dick and Babs to form the Gotham Knights - a coalition of Gotham-area wizards - and band in numbers. (The Gotham Knights would grow later in Bruce's life too: other Gotham-area wizards like Tim Drake would join and help Dick, Babs, and Bruce out in times of need.)

This same idea of teamwork also followed Bruce later in life when he accompanied six other wizards to the Arizona deserts to prevent a massive pureblood supremest attack on muggleborn wizards. Following Bruce's tradition of "codenames," these wizards created superhero-like nicknames that they'd use in the heat of battle. (Not everyone wanted their fellow wizarding friends to know what they were doing on Saturday nights - especially since some JLA activity was a little... unsavory for some wizards' tastes - so codenames were essential, even if the costumes weren't.)

While Bruce never formally agreed to join, this group called themselves the Justice League of America. The wizarding community readily accepted them - and in some cases, called upon them as mentors for new Aurors - as the JLA established itself in the heart of America. Creating a base in Washington D.C., the JLA soon found themselves battling a wizard-hunting group called Cadmus. Cadmus solely consisted of muggles who'd somehow discovered of wizards - and like most cowards, they decided to stamp out wizards once and for all. To make matters worse, some muggleborn wizards in the JLA also agreed with their methods.

Bruce had been torn on the matter - he didn't agree with all of Cadmus's ideals, but he didn't disagree with them either - and purposefully took the neutral route until he had a direct confrontation with its head, Amanda Waller. Battling Amanda with nothing but his sheer wit, Bruce managed to convince Amanda that the world did need wizards and other magical creatures to co-exist together. They temporarily formed a truce, and Bruce was prepared to resume his duties as an unofficial member of the JLA.

That was when he'd heard about Hogwarts and the state of the wizarding world in the UK. Deciding that the UK needed their own brand of superheroes, Bruce decided to take a teaching position - as a Muggle Studies teacher - to keep an eye on British students. He has no idea if he'll be successful - or if he'll even form the Outsiders like he promised Dick and Tim - but he wanted to at least try for his sake.

Blood: Muggleborn

Preferred House: Gryffindor
Why you think they belong in this house? While Bruce would've been neck and neck for either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, Bruce's heart is also tremendous. He wants to do the right thing - no matter how difficult it can be - and will strive for justice until the day he dies.

Staff Position: Muggle Studies Professor (3-5)
Why you think they fit this position? As a Muggleborn, Bruce's intimately familiar with the Muggle world; in fact, he even resides in the muggle world when he's not teaching at Hogwarts. Plus, the staff of Hogwarts probably considers Bruce too dense to teach anything else. At least with Muggle Studies, it's almost nearly-impossible to fail teaching it. Bruce's real reason, however, is that all wizards need to learn how to co-exist with Muggles. The last thing he wants is a complete repeat of the Cadmus incident in the UK.
If Professor would you want them to be Head of House? Not particularly. Bruce's personality at Hogwarts is that of a millionaire playboy who also happens to be insanely talented at Muggle Studies. Him as Head of a House? Impossible! "He's not talented enough!" That, and. He's "too stupid" to pull that off without... who knows, him accidentally turning a student into a chocobo or something.

Roleplay Samples

Journal Sample: Good evening, everyone! [Bruce chuckles as he shifts closer; at the very least, he sounds friendly from his greeting.] My name's Bruce Wayne and I'll be teaching Muggle Studies to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years this following semester.

Now, I'll admit that I'm new to Hogwarts - and wizarding life in the UK in general - so it'll be a good learning experience for us both! I look forward to seeing some of you in class, and I hope that we can all get started on the right foot.

[Filter | Encrypted, Completely Unhackable]

Hopefully some of these students should prove themselves useful in battle. If not, then everything I gave up'll be in vain - and Gotham's without her protector.

[there's the sound of him tapping his quill against the journal]... Maybe I shouldn't have left Dick in charge of the city after all.

Roleplay Sample: The moment Bruce walked onto campus, he felt a certain sense of awe. He was actually here. In Hogwarts. The UK's finest wizarding school. As their newest Muggle Studies teacher, even! Bruce had to wrestle with his advisers to even leave - though he suspected that some of his shareholders were more relieved than anguished - for the rest of the year, but once he'd arrived in Scotland, a certain sense of relief washed over him.

Sure, he'd have to teach these kids all about the Muggle world. (Some of them probably didn't even know that phoenixes were mythological creatures! Or who Jesus was. The latter probably would've made even Alfred upset.) But he didn't mind: it was a new frontier for him. And hadn't he done it before, with Diana and J'onn? They knew so little of the muggle world - "Man's World" in Diana's tongue - that Bruce and Clark had to patiently explain everything and hope that Diana'd understood the first go-round.

(She usually didn't.)

As he wove his way through the throngs of students, Bruce suspected that they'd see him as an easy target. He'd be that teacher who taught a "joke class," an "easy A," so to speak. Part of him wanted to give them a tough class, but that'd also undermine his reputation. So, what should he pick? Easy class that'd bore even him or the real, rigorous class he wanted to give...?

Watching a couple of students breeze through a study session, Bruce couldn't help smiling. Maybe - just maybe - he could get away with teaching a "rigorous class" without his students suspecting his true nature. If it could work for some of the other teachers here - and God only knew of the secrets that some of the students hid - then why not him?

It was official. Bruce walked through the doors into the Great Hall, and took his seat at the front of the room. This year may be challenging, even a little hard, but it was going to be perfect. (Hopefully.)
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