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Name: Bruce Wayne
Series: DC Animated Universe
Age: 35
Job: Co-owner of a bookstore with Yomiko Readman; also a non-practicing lawyer
Appearance: Bruce looks the part of a typical playboy millionaire. At 6' 2", he's a tall man. When he's out in public, he usually dresses sharply in business suits. At the very least, he's not seen without a blazer and tie; if he dresses casually, his tie'll be loosened---and maybe he'll wear loafers instead of dress shoes. If people're lucky.

Personality: Most people have difficulty grasping Bruce Wayne. The first time people meet him, he seems like the typical billionaire playboy who's essentially the idiot without a day job. While he's also an incredibly kind-hearted person, he also seems to lack common sense. The gossip magazines practically adore him - if only because he flatters the reporters to no end - but also because his night life's perfect fodder for their ratings. Only someone with that much money could pull off his laissez-faire lifestyle without a hitch.

So his decision to leave the glitzy world of Gotham behind surprises people. Really, most things about Bruce Wayne can catch people off-guard. He has a way with words: he can easily persuade a lady for another dance or a gentleman for some donations to charity. Even if he sometimes appears to trip over his words, he seems to know exactly what he's doing. Plus, he pours his heart and his soul into his charity and work in his waking hours. Although he doesn't personally involve himself in the nitty-gritty of Willow Grove's poor, he attempts to make amends for them in the best way that he can. (Essentially? The old joke about Batman being an adoption agency's pretty much true in the world of Willow Grove: Bruce already has Dick and Tim, but he wouldn't mind adding another two or three to the bunch.)

It goes without saying that Bruce's incredibly intelligent and plays an active role in his business back in Gotham, but also in Willow Grove. Although he plays down his money - in fact, he regularly denies that he's the Bruce Wayne of Gotham - he takes pride in helping Yomiko at her bookstore and the law practice he established to help the citizens in their every-day affairs. He does flake out every now and then - for those secret martial-arts lessons he gets from who-knows-where - but he comes through for his friends and family when it really counts.

The most important thing about this millionaire playboy? Is that a lot of it is really a mask. In private, Bruce isn't the genius ditz Willow Grove knows (and maybe loves?) but an incredibly dedicated person who hasn't lost sight of his overall goal for justice and truth. With enough prep time, he can switch gears from civil cases to criminal cases and bring down a criminal to justice. Disease and even death doesn't stop him from pursuing justice to the very end. While some people may call him strict, Bruce considers himself devoted to his job--but he does have a heart. Without thinking, he can - and he will - sacrifice his life to save other people.

Although he's grumpier and moodier than he lets on, Bruce's love for children is genuine. Still an adult child himself, he identifies with them on a level that most parents envy. (He still watches old television shows like The Gray Ghost and can eagerly quiz kids on their favorite superheroes without batting an eye.)

Bruce's also blind to the very idea of love; this man could create ten solutions to the same problem but somehow not notice that his next-door neighbor's harbored a crush on him for two whole years, for instance. For all it's worth, however, this man who's created one very public mask for the world and one other mask - still in hiding - has managed to somehow enchant the very world in which he lives. Yes, he's still incredibly awkward towards a lot of things (including giving his teenage sons "the talk"), but he's somehow managed to conquer his way through life anyways.

Canon: DC Wikia's summary of DCAU Batman
AU: Everyone knows the basic Batman mythos: he was son of two Gotham millionaires that died when Bruce was eight and ultimately decided to become a masked vigilante because of that incident. However, there's clearly more to Bruce Wayne than just that one night.

His parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, encouraged Bruce to learn more and to give back to his world. They loved him - and he of course nearly idolized them and loved them back with all of his heart. When they were mugged in a back alley, with Bruce as their sole witness, he was traumatized. How could the world let something this horrible happen? From that moment on, he decided to work towards a single purpose. He would not only bring his parents' murderer to justice, but he would also ensure that no one else would have to suffer the same fate.

He spent his high school and college years studying and grooming himself to become that very paragon of justice that he envisioned. Along the way, he met Andrea Beaumont, a woman that would shape his very being. They fell in love, but she ultimately rejected him because of her run-in with the mafia; however, Bruce never learned her real reason. Crushed, he decided to continue on his track to pursue justice and become a vigilante that Gotham'd respect.

Here's where Batman ultimately diverges from Willow Grove: Superheroes - and likewise, Batman - don't exist within the parameters of this world. Comic books with their escapades do, and Bruce had been undoubtedly influenced by them, but even he realized that maybe he should completely think his plan out before carrying it.

So he traveled the world again, this time carefully studying the law systems of each country and place for a better picture. He arrived back in Gotham not only with a broader perspective of the law and its good, but also with a renewed vow to change his corrupt system from the better--from the inside. Shortly after he returned home, Haly's Circus came to town - with their pride and joy, the Flying Graysons - but they lost their pride and joy after a horrific accident in which their cable wires snapped. Their son, Dick Grayson, was left an orphan--and Bruce ultimately stepped in and took Dick under his wing.

Years passed, and Bruce would soon take another son - Tim Drake - under his guiding hand after Tim's father died in a gang war in Gotham. Both Dick and Tim were incredibly intelligent people who could easily keep up with Bruce in the courtroom; Bruce trusted them with his secrets and taught them not only law (for mock trial, of course) but martial arts "just in case".

Only when Tim decides to attend boarding school (Dick had long since moved on, with college and a current law enforcement job under his belt) does Bruce decide to spread his wings and travel again. This time, Bruce picks Willow Grove - the town Alfred insisted he'd attend - and finds himself staying in this small town longer than he anticipated. How could he turn down Yomiko's aid for help? That, and well... maybe there's something to be said for small towns, especially when they're the antithesis of his Gotham.

Action: Bruce doesn't like board games. At all.

(Alternatively, Bruce and Zatanna, sitting in a tree~)

Prose: The very idea of stopping by Willow Grove seemed preposterous at the time. Alfred had suggested that he should visit the town for a week - to get settled and see the world from a different perspective - but Bruce had hesitated for months. Wasn't there enough to do? With Dick in college and Tim at boarding school, the world opened up before his very eyes.

The farmtown was supposed to be a vacation, a chance to see the business world from a new perspective and get everything straightened out before he headed back and applied what he learned to Wayne Industries. Yet Bruce couldn't gather the strength in him to leave. Especially when he heard of the town's practically non-existent crime rate. Compared to the murder capital of the world, this place felt like paradise.

He could walk down the street without a reporter hounding him for his opinion on some stock broker or his date last night---or even worse, if he was actually gay because his bowtie was a little too pink and not red enough. (That had to be one of the more awkward nights of his life.) He could chat with some townspeople without having them look down at him for being more well-educated; he could buy fresh fruit without people really caring about his clothes or what he wore.

Put simply, the town mainly consisted of farm folk. They honestly had better priorities than caring for the big city boy. Bruce loved their philosophy; it felt refreshing to him. So as he strolled through town and walked into the music store - no doubt to buy a harmonica or two - Bruce could finally let his guard down. Everything - really - was in its place.
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