Bruce Wayne (onceaguardian) wrote,
Bruce Wayne

[ooc] HMD/General Contact

Need to contact Bruce's player for some reason or another? Then this post is probably your best bet! If you need her for general plotting, shenanigans, or chatting, then leave a comment here and she'll get back to you as soon as she can. ♥ (It'd be expedient to leave some sort of form for her to contact you back, though - like email or AIM SN or something.)

If you want to let her know how she's handling Bruce, then just shout out a comment here too! It can be anything, like praise/comments/suggestions/etc, but flames aren't exactly advised since she can only use them to light her fireplace.

Anon commenting is allowed, IP addresses aren't logged, and all comments are screened, so go wild.
Tags: !hmd, !ooc
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